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    Thursday, April 19th, 2007
    6:10 am
    Cape Cod Computer Services-Call 508.241.3640
    Cape Cod Computer Repair, Service and Web Design - PC Doctor Taking Computer Services to The Next Level Cape Cod PC Doctor , the Cape's leader in cost-efficient, expert computer repair, is changing the way businesses and home computer users keep their systems running! We will dispatch a qualified technician to your location, home or office

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    Tuesday, April 17th, 2007
    6:09 am
    Windows Vista Part I

    A couple of people recently have mentioned to me recently that I´m yet to review Windows Vista in follow up to the feature that I did regarding the beta (test) edition last year. This isn´t an oversight on my part but something I did intentionally as a true review of an Operating System requires the writer to use it day in day out for an extended period before giving his opinion. I´ve now been using Windows Vista since its launch date at the beginning of the year so I´ve now had a couple of months to get used to the replacement for Windows XP and am ready to give my opinion.

    My first observation would be that I am completely unable to ascertain why such a development took so long - Microsoft started production on their new OS way back in 2001 and it seems bizarre to me that it took their best programmers until 2007 to come up with the finished product. As much as I liked Windows XP there is no escaping the fact that an update was well overdue and now we´re left asking ourselves whether was it worth the wait?

    So that I can get them out the way I want to make my criticisms known from the start. First off Windows Vista eats low powered machines for breakfast; I had a relatively new AMD Sempron 2800+ with 512mb of RAM and a 64mb graphics card which Vista just annihilated. A couple of hardware upgrades later (1Gb of additional RAM, 256mb graphics card) and the new OS is running perfectly - for some this hardware upgrade cycle isn´t a problem but those with low powered machines on a limited budget should beware.

    I also don´t like the fact Microsoft have given a choice of five different versions to choose from as this can only serve to confuse the end and additionally we in the UK we are paying such a disproportion amount extra when compared with our US cousins.

    Despite having said the above, yes, I do like Vista and no, given the choice I wouldn´t go back to Windows XP.

    When you first install Vista the only real differences you notice is the shiny new graphical interface which in many ways is more gimmicky than genuinely useful. For example there is an alternative to for cycling through the opened programs that displays all the opened applications you have stacked one at a time in 3D. Additionally items such as the tops of windows, the start menu and so forth are semi opaque and features such as these don´t really offer me any real advantages other than to look pleasing to the eye. I suppose if you spend your days, like I do, looking at a computer screen then such features will make serve as an improvement as if you´re to spend your time using an Operating System it might as well be pleasing to look at.

    Most the real improvements won´t even be noticed by the end user but that doesn´t mean to say that they´re not important. Microsoft was hit hard in Windows XP with viruses such as the Blaster Worm which crippled PC´s all over the world and served as a nice little revenue stream for computer repair people everywhere. When it came to creating Vista Microsoft actually gave early versions of the Operating System to software hackers and simply told them to `break it´ so that hopefully any major security issues would be discovered before the software was finalised.

    Two features I do particularly like are as follows. When using a flash memory drive you can allow Vista to use it to cache commonly used programs and data. This reduces the need for Windows to use relatively slow `virtual memory´ on your hard disk so your system speed should be increased as a result. Additionally the search functionality is so, so much better than under Windows XP - I found it infuriating how long it took to search for an item under XP but in Vista when I look for something it searches my hard disk and outlook messages in a matter of seconds rather than minutes.

    There have been many improvements to the applications present within Windows which I´d like to cover but unfortunately as I have already overrun my space for this week you´ll have to wait until next Friday for the second part of this Vista roundup.
    Saturday, April 14th, 2007
    3:16 pm
    Cape Cod Architect, Cape Cod Home Remodeling and Cape Cod Builders
    Find all types of Home Improvement Contractors at Cape Cod Home Renovations and Cape Cod Land Excavators

    Find all types of Home Improvement Contractors at Cape Cod Custom Builders

    Cape Cod Home Renovations

    Cape Cod Architects

    Cape Cod's Most Versatile Home Contractors

    David Karam specializes in Architectural Design, Blue Print Drawings, New Home Building, Home Renovations and Remodeling.

    We are a residential design and building firm covering the entire Cape to include additions and remodeling services. Additionally, we are Cape Cod's most creative custom home building and remodeling company specializing in new construction and home renovations.

    David Karam is your single source for Cape Cod Home Renovations and Architectural Design.

    We specialize in projects all around the house, from interior design to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, new home builders, remodeling, additions & renovations. Improvements such as fencing, paving, sheds and building materials.

    Cape Cod Architects | Cape Cod Builders | Cape Cod Home Renovations | Cape Cod Style Home | Cape Cod Real Estate, Homes for Sale | Contact Us | Links | History of CapeCod

    Serving all of Massachusetts, Cape Cod Including: Upper-Cape, Mid-Cape, Lower-Cape, Barnstable, Bourne, Brewster, Buzzards Bay, Cataumet, Centerville, Chatham, Cotuit, Dennis, Dennisport, Eastham, Falmouth, Harwich, Hyannis, Hyannisport, Marstons Mills, Marthas Vineyard (Vinyard), Mashpee, Nantucket, Orleans, Osterville, Pocasset, Provincetown, Sagamore, Sandwich, South Yarmouth, Yarmouth, Yarmouthport, Truro, Wareham, Waquoit, Wellfleet, West Barnstable, Woods Hole.

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    Cape Cod Architect Cape Cod Builder Cape Cod Contractor Home Remodeling
    Find all types of Home Improvement Contractors at Cape Cod Home Renovations and Cape Cod Land Excavators

    Find all types of Home Improvement Contractors at Cape Cod Custom Builders

    Cape Cod Home Renovations

    Cape Cod Architects

    Cape Cod's Most Versatile Home Contractors
    David Karam specializes in Architectural Design, Blue Print Draw

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    6:04 am
    Upgrading Your Cape Cod Computer - For Non-Experts

    One of the big advantages of PCs over earlier types of computers is that they
    ’re upgradable. If you get to the point where you need a faster computer, more storage space or whatever, you don’t have to buy a new PC. You can upgrade it by buying just the extra part you need. But sometimes it’s better to just take the plunge and replace it… a

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    6:01 am
    Cape Cod Computer Services
    Cape Cod Computer Service and Repair - PC Doctor
    Taking Computer Services to The Next Level Cape Cod PC Doctor , the Cape's leader in cost-efficient, expert computer repair, is changing the way businesses and home computer users keep their systems running! We will dispatch a qualified technician to your location, home or office, to deliver the IT

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    Friday, March 30th, 2007
    9:56 pm
    Cape Cod Computer Service and Repair - PC Doctor
    Taking Computer Services to The Next Level Cape Cod PC Doctor , the Cape's leader in cost-efficient, expert computer repair, is changing the way businesses and home computer users keep their systems running! We will dispatch a qualified technician to your location, home or office, to deliver the IT services you need. We are Always There For You!

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    Thursday, March 29th, 2007
    11:14 pm
    Computer Repair, On-Site PC Service Call 508-241-3640

    Need Help? Call 508-241-3640 to set an appointment

    Do you need a technician on-site to troubleshoot and repair your Computers?

    ü Software/Hardware Upgrades

    ü Troubleshooting

    ü Data Recovery / Backup

    ü Networks

    ü PC and Mac

    ü Tech Support

    ü Virus Removal

    ü Low Rates

    Call us today at 508-241-3640 24 Hr/day Service!

    Cape Cod PC Doctor

    275 West Main Street

    West Dennis , MA 02670


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    Westford , Wilbraham , Winchester , Woods Hole,
    Worcester, Massachusetts

    CapeCodPCDoctor- the best source for Cape Cod computer and internet services, including computer repair, networking, web design and hosting, and other IT services.

    24/7 Support as needed.

    Extended services hours.

    Emergency response services.

    Data recovery, onsite service

    We Service & Repair All Brands.

    We also Sell, Buy, & Trade.

    Desktops & Laptops

    Service Area

    11:09 pm
    Cape Cod Computer

    Computer RepairsWebsite DesignPC Upgrades




    Computer Services on Cape Cod

    Relax, breathe deeply,
    then call the
    PC Doctor. We will fix your PC and have you up and running in no time for a price that wont break your budget.

    Any Computer problem anytime, anywhere on Cape Cod, we are always there for you!

    • 24/7 Support as needed.

    • Extended services hours.

    • Emergency response services.

    • Data recovery, onsite service

    • We Service & Repair All Brands.

    • We also Sell, Buy, & Trade.

    • Desktops & Laptops

    Our mission is to alleviate your personal or small business computer problems, educate people to fearlessly embrace technology and practice the art of human interaction.

    PC Doctor's 24 Hour Computer Support provides in-home computer repair and network administration emergency service when your computer won't print a huge proposal for an 8AM meeting — or when you're suddenly staring at the blue screen of death and your thesis is due the next day. Our mobile computer technician (Tech) will fix your computer quickly. We are cheap! Free online or over over the phone troubleshooting in Cape Cod, Ma.

    Even if the situation isn't quite as dire, We are standing by to help you as soon as you need it. Whether you need upgrades, repairs or spyware and virus removal (or even just a lesson in how to use the new digital camera you scored for your birthday) we have the tools, knowledge and capability to help you maneuver through your technology-fueled life. Onsite at-home PC Repair is just a phone call away at 508-241-3640.


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    Cape Cod Computer Service and Repair - PC Doctor
    Taking Computer Services to The Next Level Cape Cod PC Doctor , the Cape's leader in cost-efficient, expert computer repair, is changing the way businesses and home computer users keep their systems running! We will dispatch a qualified technician to your location, home or office, to deliver the IT services you need. We are Always There For You!

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    7:57 pm
    Cape Cod Computer Service and Computer Repair - Cape Cod
    Cape Cod PC Doctor- the best source for Cape Cod computer and Internet services, including computer repair, networking, web design and hosting, and other IT services.

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